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About Ishaque Ansari

Ishaque Ansari is well known writer of Sindhi. The Ansari family of Larkana is a writer family. Anis Ansari is a Short Story Writer, who is father of Ishtiaq Ansari (a researcher), Akhlaq Ansari( Short Story Writer and Novelist) and Ishaque Ansari (Novleist and Short Storry Writer. Two books are in his credit, the novel Khali Bench and a travellgoue named " Preen Hun Paar".

Khali Bench- A best seller Novel

Khali Bench is love story of two intellectual students of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur. This novel published in 2000 and have been praised by a lot of readers and writers.

Preen Hun Paar- A travelogue

The travelogue Preen Hun Paar is published in 2008 and is available in the market. This is a travel story of 7 countries, Spain, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea.

The travleogue is full of feelings, which make this travelogue different from the other travelogues.